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Be Blessed, Mark

Hi!  We are glad that you had the chance to have a look at our work, and we want you to know we are looking forward to working with you at your wedding – which we know is going to be great! Here is an overview of the process of working with us, so you know what to expect!

Inquiry Stage

The first step in us working together with you is sending us your information!  We would love to hear about your wedding!  Send us all the information you can, and tell us about you!  Send us some details about the wedding of course, but really, we just want to get to know you!  At this point we will set up a custom site for you, and we will ask you to fill in some details related to you as a couple – trust us, you will want to do this for us!:)

Meeting Time!

The second phase of our new friendship is when we get to meet – but don’t worry, it won’t be as scary as an online dating first date!  We have set up an exclusive showroom in Kensington for you to come and meet us, and we would love to show you some more work that frankly is just too cool for our website, and give you a glimpse of what your wedding is going to look like!  This is a great time to tell us all of the details of the wedding you are planning – the more information you have the more shot ideas we can ponder on and think up!

We realize that you will probably how much your investment is going to be, so we discuss this with you at that point as well.  We will give you a full rundown of our pricing and products, which you can take with you to mull over.  We will discuss how your images will be presented to you, what the collections include, and what are the best options are getting big & beautiful art pieces to hang on your walls!

Once you are ready, we will go over the contract and make sure that, and that you don’t have any questions left, we will sign the contract, arrange a retainer and a schedule and make it payable in a way that works best for you – credit card, interac e-transfer, or cheques are accepted!

Shooting Time!

Once all of the details are arranged, it’s time to go out and make some beautiful images for you!  Engagement sessions are undoubtedly THE best way to express your personality – so use this opportunity to show off your creative side!  The sky is the limit on what we can do, but if you need some help coming up with ideas, please let us know!  Or you could just offer yourselves up to our creative talents, and let us surprise you!

After the shoot, we will give you some homework to do – I know, I know, nobody wants homework!  But don’t worry, it won’t take more than a few minutes and will help out a lot in the future!

The Most Exciting Part!

Once the shoot is done, we are going to get those stills and cinema back to you as soon as possible, as we know you want to see them and share them! We’ll meet up with you for a presentation session, where we will present them to you in a unique and creative format.  There might also be a few unique images thrown in:)

This is also where the homework we gave you after the engagement shoot will come in handy – we will give you recommendations on print sizes and options that will work well in your home, and what different types of prints would work best for each image – our goal is to make this as easy on you as possible!

We would also like to invite your family, wedding party, or other close friends who would like to see your images for a custom presentation session.  It gives them a unique chance to view the images as they are meant to be viewed, as well as offering them a unique time to order prints and other products at a unique discounted price!

After The Wedding

We want to keep in touch with you and see where life leads, so feel free to add us as friends on Facebook, or shoot us an email if you feel like it!  You can find Mark on Facebook under Mark Wikkerink (personal) or Mark Wikkerink Cinema Stills (business).

If you have any further questions on anything related to your wedding, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Mark Wikkerink