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Be Blessed, Mark

Hi!  My name is Mark.

Calgary Wedding PhotographerI am a guy who loves to be around people.  While I may be on the more reserved side, I do enjoy being able to spend time with my friends just chatting or playing sports and being active.  Camping is also a favourite past time, and I have spent many great nights around the campfire.

I really am a big kid at heart, but I rarely let that show through, and I don’t know why. Someday I want to have a fort building party, and fill my entire house with forts. How awesome would that be?

Right now though, my photography business is my life – I live it, breathe it, and dream about it!   Photography is both my hobby and my career, and I love everything that comes with it (ok not quite everything).  It’s a passion though, and a great one at that!  I love to shoot weddings mainly (both photos and videos), and last April I quit my full time job to pursue photography full time, and after having my old photography business (bydesign visuals) for over three years, I decided last fall I rebranded everything, and launched Mark Wikkerink Cinema | Stills!

I really enjoy shooting film (you know, the archaic rolled stuff), and I want to have my own darkroom setup again someday. I have all the equipment, just no space for it at the moment

I like Starbucks Peppermint Mocha’s, but those are few and far between now that I have my own espresso machine at home.  I enjoy making the espresso though, and I really like frothing the milk to try and achieve perfection.  So far it hasn’t happened though! Vanilla lattes are my latest drink of choice. Coconut mocha’s are also my second favourite:)

I also really love to travel, and 2011 was a big travel year for me, as took a 3 week trip to Europe with 1 week in the US on each side!  We visited Austria, Germany, and Holland.  I really like Vienna, but I also loved spending time in the small towns of Holland and biking around, etc.  I really need to work on those pictures!

Sports are also big in my life, and I especially love playing both volleyball and wallyball!  I have been playing volleyball since high school, where our team finished off with a second place silver medal at provincials my final year.  Since then I have improved a lot, and I hope to keep playing volleyball for many more years!

I find the best times are had when great conversations happen – conversations that are spontaneous, honest, and real.  Hence I love sitting around fires, in a hot tub, or any other situation where great chats happen.  I am a good listener, but if you engage me or I have something to say I have no problems sharing my thoughts!

I also like watching movies.  Movies with great stories though.  Movies that inspire me visually, with stories that take me places I will probably never go.

I can’t wait for the times when my family is all in one place.  I love to play with my nieces and nephew, and to laugh with my sisters and brother in law.  I can’t wait to one day have a family of my own.

Someday I want to live in a house with a big yard, and plant a garden.  Maybe in Calgary, maybe not.  I guess I take after my Dad, because he loves gardening, but I find it pretty awesome to be able to plant tiny seeds, wait a while, and voila!  edible things!

I respect my friends very much, and I love my family (even though they can get on my nerves pretty quickly sometimes:).  But overall they are great, and we are fairly close even though we are spread out around North America.

Jesus is also a big part of my life, and I won’t hide from you the fact that I am a Christian.  I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without Him in so many ways!

I also love where my camera and imagination has allowed me to go.  To see things that I would have never seen without it.  I look forward to knowing what the future holds and what else I will see through my lenses!

I look forward to meeting and working with you!